Pilates on the golf course


The Pilates method is an extremely comprehensive system of body education which works on the body as a whole, from the deepest to the most peripheral muscles, engaging both the body and the mind.

This method is based on a very safe programme of slow and controlled exercises.  The exercises are done with special equipment or on the floor, under the supervision of a qualified instructor, either individually or in small groups.  The aim is to achieve precision in the exercises and repetitions are limited.  Breathing, concentration, control, alignment,  fluidity of movement is one of the key concepts of the method.

How will I benefit from the Pilates method?

The aim is to obtain muscular balance by strengthening weak muscles and lengthening shortened muscles.  This leads to increased control, strength and flexibility in the body, while avoiding strain on the joints and back.  This method is suitable for those who are just starting with physical exercise as well as those who are seeking perfection in movement (such as top athletes and performing artists).  It can even be done by people who might be suffering from back problems or who are looking for a preventative programme (Pilates forms an integral part of rehabilitation programmes in the US and the UK).

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Pilates and golf

The Pilates method can be used as an effective means of improving one’s golf game by increasing strength, resistance, muscular control and improving posture through the strengthening of stabiliser muscles (shoulder region).  The ability to play an 18-hole game requires certain elements which all form an essential part of a Pilates programme: coordination, balance, strength, resistance, flexibility and mental agility.

Prevention of injuries with Pilates

Poor posture and technique are the cause of many golf injuries.  If we divide the body into the upper and lower body, we can say, with regard to the upper body, that it is imperative to maintain flexibility in the shoulders and good scapulothoracic stability, while also preventing muscular imbalances.

It is equally important, with regard to the lower body, to improve the range of movement in the hip joint and the hamstring and to increase leg strength in order to obtain a stable base, improve balance and prevent fatigue.

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